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Dead Rising 2 Cheat Table

on Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:14 am
Cheats In This Table:
Time Skip
TK's Game Scores
Quick Level up
Katey & Stacey HP
Inf Ammo
Character Statistics
1 Hit Kill

Inf Ammo:Just Shoot To gain Inf Ammo
Item Duplication: Pick Up An Item To Enable It Take The Item Code And Paste It To the Other Empty Slots In Cheat Engine
And Where You See Amount Of Items In Hand "Max 12" Put The Amount Of Items In There So If You Only Duped 4 Times put 4 (This Will Be In The Video)
Character Statistics:Kill 1 Zombie To See All Info
Quick Level Up:Gain pp
Time Skip:Wait 2 seconds For The Code To Enable
1 Hit Kill :Hit A Zombie To Enable
Katey & Stacey HP: End Game Health
TK's Game Scores:Kill 1 Zombie To See Score

Download Here:!MUsgCaJQ!Zq9pCRYsNYjLqCIOhaI7CF3EiMUkQaQhRZbmvpsl5l0


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